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About Our Workshops

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for supporting our decision we made back in 2004 to make mandatory workshop attendance part of our program. Participants have found their time spent in the classes to be well-invested.  Many have told us that it has given them the information they needed so that they no longer require our help. This is the type of success we'd hoped for!

Our decision to encourage financial responsibility by providing educational resources to our program participants enticed many of our previous donors back after having been away from the program for the past few years. Requiring participation in these workshops reinforces the fact that we are trying to help families and children reach a level of financial stability.  

All returning parents to the Christmas Is For Kids program receive an initial mailing from us. The mailing explains that in order to be eligible for the program, they must attend 4 workshops out of nearly 20 available to them. The response has been terrific and we are glad to help all of those who joined us for the workshops.  For parents in the program for over 4 years, 6 workshops are required.

In addition to the classes, there are many other methods to receive credit to remain in the program.  Please see details below for further information.

Requirements & Schedule to Participate in the Christmas is for Kids Program

Christmas Is For Kids 2017
Requirements & Schedule
Council Office:  508.226.2336
Download pdf version here

Participant in the program less than 4 years:  returning parents need to do 4 classes (8 hours) or 20 hours of volunteering (see the volunteer log sheet)

Participant in the program 4 or more years:  above requirements plus ADDITIONAL 2 classes (4 hours) that must be on financial education

**If there is an issue, don’t wait to contact us!! Let us know what is happening.  Don’t wait until the last minute to do the requirements!!                


1. Classes to attend in person
**Be sure to sign your name on an attendance sheet

Council for Children Classes are held at at 7:00pm at Bristol Community College in the auditorium

  • September 19: Project Connect  Shelley Pray will discuss "Speak so your Children will Listen”
  • September 26:  Diana Reeves and Peter Kortright, discussing “Getting Ahead in a Just getting ByWorld” and Peer to Peer Learning
  • October 3:  Applications will be distributed.  No class credit is given for this class.
  • October 18: Project Connect:  Kathy Copland will present on Establishing Routines and     Order.
  • American Credit Counseling Services (call or see their website for classes www.accs.org 508-643-4445)
  • Pro Home Money Smart Financial Literacy Seminars (Call for class schedules and to register 508-821-2514) 
  • Project Connect (call for their schedule  508-226-2883)
  • Literacy Center – English for Speakers of Other Languages (508-226-3603)


2.  Online Courses/ Classes
Important Information:
Click here for a list of on-line classes that qualify for CIFK. See below for locations where you can sign up for online classes!

Online Courses at Attleboro Library

  • Need a library card
  • From the Attleboro Public Library home page:
  • Click on the "Elibrary" tab,
  • Ten select: "Online Resources" link
  • From the "Online Resources" page, click on the
    "Test Prep / Career Skills" link
  • From the "Test Preparation / Career Skills" page,
    scroll down and click on the "Universal Classes" link
  • Or just click here to get to the Universal Classes web page
  • If you have already created a username and password, click the “sign in” button
  • Check this list to see if class is acceptable; call our office if you are not sure
  • Ccomplete course with a passing grade (70% or higher)
  • Must be .8 cu or higher
  • Print certificate and include with application


Online Courses at Richards Memorial Library, North Attleboro

  • Click on the LYNDA.com link on the home page
  • Click the link on the LYNDA page
  • Type in your library card number and pin number
  • Check this list to see if class is acceptable; call our office if you are not sure
  • Complete course with a passing grade (70% or higher)
  • Must be .8 cu or higher
  • Print certificate and include with application


3.  Volunteer a minimum of 20 hours for a non-profit organization

  •  Fill in volunteer hour sheet
  •  Organization must write a letter on their letterhead confirming you volunteered
  • Include both with your application


4.  Finish your HiSET (high school equivilancy exam)

  • Include copy of completion with your application


5.  College Courses

  • Must be from spring or summer sessions in 2017
  • Must have a passing grade of 70% or higher and include copy of transcript with your application


(download on-line course list here)

  • Need a passing grade of 70 or higher  *
  •  Must provide a certificate of completion




Special Education



Web Development

Career Training

GED Training

Writing Skills



Alternate Medicine

Arts and Photography 


General Education


Home Schooling

How To/Do It Yourself

New Age

Performing Arts

Personal Care

Pet and Animal Care

Real Estate


Religious Studies


Spiritual Studies

Teacher Tools

Test Preparation

New Course





The following topics have some individual classes that will not be accepted. All other classes within the topic will be accepted for credit.



Computer and Tech  

Image Editing; Photography

Health and Medicine

Advocacy for Elderly Patients
Classes 2, 6, 8, 9, 13 under Safety 

Language Arts

Writing Improvement


Basic Law and Criminology
Human Resources
Small Business


Home Schooling Strategies, Teacher Resources

Medical Billing

Therapy & Treatment

Office Skills

Legal Studies

Parenting and Families

Classes 1, 2, 8, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 34, 41


Classes 17, 20, 21, 25, 27


Animal/Bird Studies, Environmental Issues, Teacher Curriculum

Social Work

Classes 2, 3, 9, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26


  Attleboro Area Council for Children, Inc.
4 Hodges St, Attleboro, MA 02703
Phone: 508-226-2336
E-Mail: info@councilforchildren.org

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